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Attack cards represent single-use maneuvers which aim to help you or hurt your opponent. Attack cards may only be played on your turn as part of a play action. When playing an attack card, pay its cost, resolve its effect, and place it in your forgotten pile.

(An attack’s effect is found at the bottom of the card.)


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Reaction cards represent a response to an opponent’s action. Unlike attack cards and state cards, reaction cards are not played as an action, but instead played in response to any action, including your own action. Each reaction card begins with the phrase, “If reacting to…” and continues with a condition for fulfilling the card’s effect, followed by its effect. Most commonly, reaction cards are played in response to another clone’s attack card, but it is possible to play a reaction card in response to an action even if the reaction’s effect will not trigger. After playing a reaction card, pay its cost, resolve its effect (if possible), and place it in your forgotten pile.

(A reaction’s effect is found at the top of the card.)


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State cards represent a permanent ability (or affliction) that besets a clone. Unlike action cards and reaction cards, state cards are permanent effects that remain in play, and are not discarded after use.

(A state’s effect is found on the side of the card)

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