Exact revenge against your clone in a biopunk, body horror card game.

Outsmart yourself in a reckless, ruthless, TCG-style card game.

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Infinite Tools for Revenge

in three types


Hurt yourself to launch a one-time assault on your foes.


Respond to other clones' schemes with traps and counters.


Upgrade your abilities, accepting both risk and reward.

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Upgrade Your Mind

No Effort Required

Would you like to improve your knowledge, skills, and memory without investing any time and effort? Expand your mind by expanding your cerebrium, the building blocks of your brain.

For readers who skipped biology class here on Fastus, the fundamental cells which compose all brains are called cerebrium. Each individual unit of cerebrium contains a discrete piece of data—say, the memory of your last meal, or how to shoot a firearm—and scientific advancements on our planet allow us to individually locate and directly manipulate specific cerebrium of our choosing. Most inhabitants have practiced some degree of sculpting (adding) or carving (subtracting) cerebrium from their brains, for the purpose of augmenting or restricting their abilities. These discoveries have set the foundation for the amenities and technological advancements that dot the landscape of the society you live in today.

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